At 5NBC we define transformation as process of preparing for next level of business, which can be in various formats either expansion in to new territory or entry to new markets, diversification of products or services or getting adapted to new technology for better performance.

The first step which 5NBC does is to understand the reason for transformation and the end objective of transformation before starting the process or preparing the company for transformation.

In today’s scenario where markets change with drop of hat companies need to be agile to see the opportunity or prepare research to forecast or predict the next happening before it happens, the reason being to be one step ahead of changes happening.

At 5NBC we start with understanding the current aspect to validate can this company undergo transformation, as transformation often comes with cost and risk, which are sometimes haywire in spite of planning for the bad scenarios that can arise?

The financial implications play vital role in deciding the path of transformation and the quantum of growth, which is equated by the time taken, or the gestation that is required to see the momentum after taking the decision to undergo transformation.

At 5NBC we prepare the documentation of transformation the cost implication, the gestation period the bad scenarios and the clarity of returns that is looked at being close to ground reality.
Every business needs to undergo transformation, as at 5NBC we believe “CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT”

Strategies are based on

  • Clarity of objective for transformation
  • Financial implication for the process
  • Implementation aspects
  • Risk and Gestation sustenance