Enterprise Transformation Management

MSME- Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises & Traditional Family Business

We specialize in transforming the business, which you have built and grown, but unable to scale it up. The major concern what we have observed in MSME is the absence of process and founders time getting spent across issues and hence unable to focus on growth.

We first start with analyzing the existing business and the way it is working, then is where we start with our due diligence to give you the way forward and the clarity of our approach. With all the corrections required in order to undergo transformation of your Business

In our engagements we have observed the major areas of problems are Sales, Marketing, Demand & Supply chain management and the vision being the core areas requiring corrections.

We also give complete analysis on how the business needs to be visioned for next generation keeping in mind the expansion and the cost. Setting up the vision and setting up process which are essential for transformation.

Restructuring your company in order to be ready for raising funds if required for growth. Plugging the un productive areas and re designing the work flow and is global expansion required every component is given with in-depth analysis.

Having worked across industries in Global markets and India with growth result oriented approach do give us a call, would be glad to discuss

We provide setting up offshore offices in Mauritius and Dubai.