Sales & Marketing

For every company to be healthy earning is essential and the critical part is sales no matter how good or how bad is the product or service the sales are essential and it being supported by marketing is essential for any company’s growth.

Also need to understand is there are scenarios where in sales are happening and marketing is supporting it but though the company is doing good the next thought process you need to look is what’s the percentage of sales and what’s the market share.

Many times it has been observed that though company gets sales which is good enough to take care of expenses this should not be considered as victory and get settled, this should be considered as point from where next level needs to to come in, its like a football game where in you have scored 1 goal and thinking you will with it is foolishness as the equalizer can come in any time.

There have been case studies which has proved time and again that today being leader is not good enough and you never know when things change for e.g. leading soft drink company which had good market share and good lead lost it out to various other drinks which came in market, one more e.g. being detergent which was the choice of every household did disappeared with other products coming in to market, one more e.g. being watches which was monopoly by one Indian brand but lost all the legacy and the share with in 5 years to a new brand and today what was once market un disputed leader is no more existing

Sales is always a critical performance indicator where in any growth should still be looked as we have to reach better target and what sales reached shouldn’t be point to rest and think we control the market.

So there are two factors, which make sales as crucial performance indicator once when you are doing sales is it good enough for running and other being sales that you are doing what’s the market share you are getting through sales.

Marketing goes hand in hand as it helps in getting support for sales as e.g. once a CEO of well know mobile company which had monopoly market said we didn’t do anything wrong but we still went out of business.

Every company at every given point of time need to have sales a critical performance indicator which is like a bucket with hole and you keep trying to fill it.