PESTEL Analysis

There are various factors that need to be looked at apart from the market, the financials and the importance of the new location to current business and increase in revenues.

The political situation:  Every country has its own political situations, which change and can impact the business as the policy change with changes in political scenarios.For any company looking for global expansion this aspect of political situation is of very critical importance as it impacts the business

The Economical situation: The economical situation of the place or the country is vital for decision-making, when looking at expanding in global market the economy of the country is very vital will the new country has good economic measures which will give boost to the business you are looking in. how good the economy of the country is will it ensure that the product or the service you are planning to launch will it be consumed, it depends on the economy of the country

Social: This can be very dicey as some countries have there own social and traditions which can create problems, people are different the society is different and there will be lot of challenges even with color the logo and lot of things which are very minute.

Technology: The advancement of technology in today’s scenario is key factor when you are looking at global expansion its not just about having internet speed or infrastructure, its about getting good human resource with good technologically adaptable as this will be crucial as you cannot bring every technical person on board from your home country

Environmental: This has been new entry to current scenario’s when global expansion is being looked at, the environmental aspect of getting raw materials and also abiding by the rules of land in new country. For e.g. a big nationalized bank which funded a project had to bear the brunt as the company which was given loan for expansion didn’t abide by the environmental aspect of the land and the country where in the expansion was taking cancelled the contract.

Legal Factors:  The legalities about the establishment and its legal complications and also the various options that can be looked at for having legal entity and its scope of work being subjected to legal factors of the land