Marketing Strategy

At 5NBC the marketing strategy takes its roots from the customer segment, their insights and the decision-making behavior, which is either primary or secondary, or influencer based.
The purchasing power and the highlighting of the factors considered for making the buy is analyzed with market data and the customer behavior.

Then we focus on the how to reach these customers and their consumption pattern of the various channels of media that are consumed by the customer. There has been significant change with arrival of social media and mobile media, which plays vital role in reaching out to the customers.

We at 5NBC believe that content is critical as it imparts the clarity of the message being sent to end user for him to become a customer.
In today’s scenario all the above components join together to make a brand, we define Brand as Thought of customer. So the marketing strategy end point is to create the thought of customer for the product, which leads to brand.
Brand loyalty is very essential and is very hard to maintain when there is competitive market, which is based on pricing component, which is also critical for success of the strategy.

In today’s scenario lot of new ratios and aspects have surfaced which needs to be kept in mind while deciding the market strategy. The aspects are customer acquisition, life span of customer, product differentiation, and Value proposition.
Insights of customer, feed back and analyzing the requirement, positioning and presence at point of sales all these components are clarified before making marketing strategy.

Strategies are based on

  • Behavior of customer
  • Deliverability of media
  • Communication of content
  • Cost per customer acquisition