Idea validation

How to arrive at is this idea good enough to start or its good only for thought, there are no such guidelines for validating idea in terms of should I work on it or not. Every entrepreneur will come to this point once he decides I want to start my own business rather than work.

Ideas are thoughts of your mind which you would have noticed or observed or someone has already implemented and you feel yes this is my strength and I can work on this idea.

Idea basic validation is the pain point you are trying to solve and how quickly can you scale up usually idea validations in service segment is much easier to arrive than the manufacturing segment or the product segment.

For e.g lets assume you want to start food business, first will be what’s your offering to your customers so you think further and arrive at let me give home made food to customers who are from other cities and need home made food as eating outside we all know the problems arise out of it.

The thought process is good and there is a pain point, which you are trying to solve. But this alone is not good enough to validate the idea. The next part comes is what type of home food are you going to offer you cannot offer a huge list and people select one or the other and you are unable to fulfill the requirement arising.

Every one needs food no second thoughts on it, next comes how are you going to prepare it will you tie up with house wifes who cook at home and you tell them to prepare bit extra and they can make some money out of it. The reason for you to arrive at this point is to avoid the investment on setting up kitchen and getting cooks.

Then comes how are you going to do the end mile connectivity for e.g if a working employee orders food which is 20kms from your kitchen how are you going to execute it, will you drive by yourself or hire people to drive and deliver or are you going to have satellite kitchens.

How are customers going to reach you are you going to book orders through mobile app or will you book only through your satellite kitchens so this gives you clarity what you thought let me know do food business which seemed so easy when you thought is where you understand the in sights of idea when it comes to validation