Idea implementation and Fail Fast

With having the blue print on how to start and the magnitude of amount required next comes the implementation so you start with having website

which will display all the details of your services and why people should choose your services or products.

So you get your website and all your social media platform done and start advertising doing SEO or telling your near and dear ones so basically you start to tell our loud that you have started the business.

You start meeting the hospitals have tie up with them so that they can serve your clients and you also finalise on the margins and the revenues you can generate with X amount of sales. During implementation is where you will encounter lot of challenges and things which were never thought off come in to existence.

At same time you need to keep the tab on is the advertising being effecting is it generating traction to your website are you getting calls, this is crucial because you are spending money and you need to have a time period where you call it off. The process of arriving at cut off time to call off your business is called fail fast. So this gives you clarity that you need to stop your business activities and wind up and give up on the idea which was close to your heart and you had hopes from it .  Fail fast is important as after having spent time and money and resources if you are not reaching desired levels as mentioned in financial plan its better to wind up rather than bleed.