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[ivan_service heading=”Idea Viability” ico_family=”el el-” icon_style=”normal” shadow=”shadow-hover” template=”primary-bg” c_id=”.vc_1451294822172″ ico=”linegraph”]

  • A Idea which cannot generate revenue is not an idea We work on all aspects of idea in terms of viability, feasibility, accountability and Scalability.
  • We provide un biased report which gives clarity to entrepreneurs on their idea.
  • Every entrepreneur feels his idea is the best we try to give clear report with retrospection of all parameters which ensures should the idea be implemented or left out.


[ivan_service heading=”Plan for startups” ico_family=”el el-” icon_style=”normal” shadow=”shadow-hover” template=”primary-bg” c_id=”.vc_1451296180752″ ico=”download”]

  • It’s a document which gives clarity and acts a blue print.
  • It helps entrepreneurs in taking the big decision of leaving their jobs and starting own company.
  • “Never test the depth of river with both feet” WARREN BUFFET perfectly holds good for start-ups


[ivan_service heading=”Existing Companies” ico_family=”el el-” icon_style=”normal” shadow=”shadow-hover” template=”primary-bg” c_id=”.vc_1451296190423″ ico=”lock”]

  • The necessity for business plan for existing companies arises when it’s looking in for either expansion of existing business.
  • In planning process of diversifying the business which can be from its existing industry segment or altogether a different industry segment.
  • It also helps in giving clarity with regard to valuations and dilution of equity.


[ivan_service heading=”Flexi Consulting” ico_family=”el el-” icon_style=”normal” shadow=”shadow-hover” template=”primary-bg” c_id=”.vc_1451296200157″ ico=”magnifying-glass”]

  • Every MSME has pain areas which hinder the growth The major reasons for these pain areas are non availability of expertise person to work on providing solution to these areas.
  • The major areas of pain points are Sales, Marketing, Distribution and understanding Demand & Supply.
  • We locate pain areas and provide solutions on clear cut deliverables. We work with your team to utilize their existing experience.


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