Boot Strapping too long

Yes its absolutely right that a startup has to go through the process of boot strapping before reaching a particular where in it can raise funds to move towards next level.

The bootstrapping helps in many ways to a startup including its own existence and undergo the crucial survival days to prove that its business model is certified by the market in which it operates or the industry.

There are many advantages of bootstrapping one is as you are not in fast paced track you can make corrections to your revenue models and as your movement is well controlled you have the ability for corrections.

Also bootstrapping helps you in showcasing that without funds and marketing your company is generating traction and revenue these are the signs which investors look for a in startup before funding.

Bootstrapping too long is also one of the major areas of problems for startups as the founders start to look with a view let me bootstrap for some more time and then raise funds from investors, this decision could sometimes become critical as it may stop you from approaching investors to push your company to fast track mode.

Many startups which start traction and revenue generation for existence and survival tend to deviate the line of continuing in the same mode for long which has seen the problems when a competitor in the same field moves much faster with funding and leaves behind your startup which though had everything and proven business model but couldn’t go to next level as the founders wanted it to be some more time in bootstrap mode.

Some founders also get into process of why should I give so much of equity to investor so let me continue in bootstrap basis for some more time and then lets think of raising funds.

In this process you will see that one more new company has come into picture and has gone ahead of you by putting across there services or product in the market with advertising and marketing which they did by raising funds.

So the startup, which was, having the first mover advantage loses out due to other startups capitalizing by raising funds and going faster. Then the founder is left with saying my idea was copied.