Answer 5 W’s and 1 H

Its good that every company top management has to think of expanding the business after reaching a certain milestone, but to take the next re birth of the company the following needs to be answered.

Why, When, Where, What, & Who and How these are not just journalism set of questions but the same implies for the top management which is planning to decide on expansion

Why: Why is it necessary that the company has to go for expansion and is sit worth keeping in mind the current revenues or surplus. Should you just go for expansion by acquiring companies in the industry domain you want to diversify or consolidate yourself in the same industry domain in which you have been?

When: At what point of time you can look at expansion and what’s the time line for the decision to come to execution point, what factors are going to be crucial and time taken for it so this will determine when the launch will happen for expansion

Where: The area of location for expansion is it going to be nationally or International and the reason for location is it for just setting up a subsidiary to handle off shore business or is it because labour is cheap or is the government of the country where you are planning to setup is supportive so there has to be clarity as to where the location and clarity of why that location to be precise.

What: The purpose of expansion is it for setting up production unit, what’s the reason for expansion and the cost factor associated with it.

Who: the person’s who will be responsible for setting up and do they have the expertise to do it are they willing to relocate or ready to undergo new challenges

How: The legal aspect of how the expansion will be controlled, how the legal aspect is going to be and will it be tie up with company which is existing to ensure that you can entry can be bit easier. How the strategy is going to work