Payment realization

Though this indicator seems every business executive knows about it and every business owner is aware of it and understands its importance but still many companies stumble at this point

Lets understand how this payment realization, which is critical for any company though the company top management is aware but still neglects this critical performance indicator and land in problems

The main reason though every one is aware of payment realization being critical still neglect in the process is because of the need to grow business this critical component is forgotten on various aspects like trust, trying to push products and agreeing for later payments, not following it up or in process of booking sales agree to late payments. These scenarios are mostly seen in SME and MSME, which are into manufacturing of products, which are in eatables or FMCG, or any product.

The reason triggering problem starts with payment policy for e.g. when SME manufacturer of product wanting to book sales pushes his product through his distributors, who are not willing to take the push, so the owner