Change Management

Every Business, which undergoes transformation fall short in building the change management which is required to support the transformation that has happened.

The reason being employees reluctant to undergo change or the top management mindset or lot of cultural or any issues which show reluctance in following the change management which is result of business transformation.

The minute things like change in organization structure or reporting structure or even cross vertical movements play vital role in causing hindrances to the change management, which is resulted from the transformation.

At 5NBC we prepare the implications that are bound to happen from the change management, we have seen even change of attire of labourers and the color of the attire has also led to reluctance in adapting to the change management.

While creating the transformation process we at 5NBC also chalk out the process of change management and bring in clarity on the minutest details which effect as humans are gregarious animals, which do control the success of change management be it technology or any component aiding to change.

The top management also undergoes change management in the mindset the thought process and the way to look at opportunities.  At 5NBC we also prepare the top management for the change, which is going to come once transformation is carried out.

Strategies are based on

  • Preparing leadership change
  • Organization behavior
  • Mindset or behavioral issues
  • Importance of change with revenue growth